Nothing is Distant from God

I am currently working on a book for mothers. This morning, I am reading about Monica, the mother of Augustine. In the last moments of her life, those around her expressed surprise at her courage as she seemed to have no fear at the prospect of dying far from her hometown.
She replied, “Nothing is distant from God.”
This morning is there something, or someone perhaps, that you fear is “distant” from God? Rest in the truth that your loving Father’s arm is never too short.
He is always near.
Monica learned this lesson the hard way during the long years she spent weeping and praying over her wayward son as he lived a life of deliberate destruction. Monica’s much beloved boy slept around. He stole just for the delight of the evil of the act.
But his mom kept praying, kept weeping over him, until she loved him straight into the arms of Christ. Her son, Augustine, became one of the great leaders of the church.
At the end of her life, Monica said, “The one reason why I wanted to stay longer in this life was my desire to see you a Catholic Christian before I die. My God has granted this in a way more than I had hoped. For I see you despising this world’s success to become his servant.”

“Nothing is distant from God.” – Monica, mother of Augustine